By Bjarne Tveskov

A few thoughts, observations and pics from this years day off... For me, Reboot6.0 was a very enjoyable experience, the best one since 2.0. When I go to conferences, meetings I always do some sketches and little concept drawings. I've never published any of those before, but since a few people have asked, some of those scribblings below. If you didn't attend R6, check out the videos, even better than the real thing.

I shopped this metaphor around a bit @ Reboot, seemed to resonate well with quite a few people, hopefully it doesn't need a lot of explaining. My main man Thomsen pointed out that many of the trees in the 1998 frame are not real trees, just fake 2D cardboards ones... Also Alexander Kjerulf mentioned that some types of seeds need to be roasted by a quick forestfire to start growing...


Cory Doctorows talk seemed very well rehearsed. Thought he was more entertaining last year, may have something to do with the time of day, having the morning slot this year. But Cory was sharp as ever, check out Guan's word-by-word recap. He said only 50 people in the world makes a living from writing science fiction. Surely you are joking Mr. Doctorow; Forrester research and the other fine analysts has twice that number employed writing sci-fi for a living.

Jason Fried used Keynote to talk about:
Context and Perspective : Help people relate.
Setting Expectations : Help people know what's next.
Contingency Design : Help people get back on track.
Very good talk, less is more once again.

Tim O'Reilly was excellent. He provided answers, not questions. Sometimes answers are good. Sometimes questions are overrated.We are all using Linux every day when we visit Google, Amazon and the other big trees on the drawing to the left.

Marc Canter gettin jiggy at da party

Crime: Singing/mumbling during the two minutes of reflection time at the end of the Open Space sessions

Punishment: Should be forced to use an early version of his own bloated birthday-organizing beta software (BBOBS) to organize an actual birthday.

[Please note the bloggers blogging the bloggers blogging the speaker speaking about blogger blogging other blogs...]

<--Retro Reboot badges. Great detail from Reboot6: The XXL badges so one doesn't have to do the classic conference crouching/squinting thing to get a good look at other peoples badges... [Did we get badges at Reboot5, can't seem to find that one...?]

Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges.
I don't have to show you any stinking badges!

Wanna come over and see my Reboot badge collection...?

<--Questions falling. Like tears in rain.

[ Check out Reboot Visualization ]

Mr. Bighand earned a good living doing hand-modelling for the mobile phone industry... [Look how small that phone is!] . Inspired by Jason's talk.

Marc Canter wants to create "The Peoples Mesh" to compete with:

Ben Hammersley used HTML to show and tell us about CSS. Still not convinced the semantic web will work on a grander scale. In some isolated/narrow domains yes, but his talk brought up Cory's fine piece Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia

Meg Hourihan talked about blog blog blog and The Lafayette Project. Still not sure if it's a real thing, sounds like blogstreet/technocrati + Firefly + a touch of vaporware.

All that blogtalk made me think of this golden oldie;
We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true.
          Robert Wilensky

WifiWifi Blog Blog Blog Must surf. Must Type. Gotta be online. Instant feedback. ICQ. BoingBoing. Blog Blog. Link Link Link doublelink. So little time so many sites. Wifi Wifi. Blog Blog. Must blog in realtime. Scribble scribble. Surf. Faster! Faster!

Another damned, thick, square, book! Always scribble, scribble, scribble! Eh! Mr. Gibbon?" (William Henry, Duke of Gloucester, upon receiving the second volume of History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire from the author, 1781)

<-- It just wouldn't be Reboot without my survey of the carpark. The future looks grim for this industry. This year mostly rusty bicycles, a few familycars and these fine two wheeled vehicles. Probably most people used public transportation like myself.

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